Karma Automotive partners with BMW for powertrains

Karma, formed when China’s Wanxiang Group purchased assets from now-defunct Fisker Automotive Inc. out of bankruptcy proceedings in 2014, will get powertrain parts and an array of electric and hybrid technologies from BMW, the company said on Thursday. The Costa Mesa, Calif.,-based auto maker plans to start selling a luxury plug-in hybrid car in 2016 to get back into the electric-car market.

American Auto Industry Has Best Performance in 20 Years

By Keith Naughton, Craig Trudell & Mark Clothier

Detroit’s boom-and-bust history was built on a dependence on big, fuel-thirsty vehicles. Now, with freshly stocked showrooms of new cars and more-efficient trucks, U.S. automakers are gaining ground on their Asian competitors with the best lineup in a generation.

China Car Industry ‘Scapegoat’ for Toxic Smog, Group Says

China’s auto association said the car industry has become a “scapegoat” for the toxic smog that engulfed Beijing in the past month and that coal-fired power plants should bear the main responsibility for the pollution.

“The auto industry has already borne too much undeserved responsibility in recent years with the purchase and usage restrictions,” said Ye Shengji, deputy secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. “With the toxic smog, the auto industry is once again being blamed and scapegoated as the main culprit, which is unreasonable.”