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Car chiefs ill-prepared for robotic age

Carmakers are failing to prepare their workers for the digital transformation expected to shake up the labour force in the coming years, a variety of experts say.
 A survey by Accenture found only 2 per cent of car executives “plan to significantly increase investment” in reskilling programmes, even though most acknowledge that workers require new skills to work with robotics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

American Vehicles Got Enormous, Parking Spots Remain the Same

Shawn Massoudi is loyal to his brawny white Cadillac Escalade, which offers a roomy interior and three rows of seating for his family of five.
 There is one gripe. It is no joy ride finding parking for the behemoth sport-utility vehicles in the puny spaces available in many Los Angeles parking lots and garages.
 “Everything is marked compact car,” said Mr. Massoudi, 41. “This vehicle is a tank compared to a compact car.”

Rolls-Royce tries yet again to make restructuring work

George is a Rolls-Royce engineer in his mid-40s who has worked at the aero engine company since graduation.
 When chief executive Warren East this week unveiled the most drastic job cut programme of the past 18 years in a bid to force through a radical transformation of the UK's premier engineer, George did not even bother to read the announcement. It was the seventh restructuring in recent years, so he knew the script: a lot of activity but not always a lot of actual change.

New car technologies often unused by drivers, J.D. Power finds

A new study from J.D. Power suggests that automakers are investing billions into technologies that a considerable number of drivers aren’t using.

J.D. Power’s first 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience Report found that at least 20 percent of new-vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technology features measured.

JD Power survey shows Volvo dealers satisfy customers better than Audi, BMW and Mercedes

Volvo’s car service network is the most satisfying in the UK, according to the latest JD Power 2015 UK Customer Service Index Study.

The Swedish premium brand topped the overall table in the study of more than 9,000 new car buyers, scoring 779 points out of a maximum of 1,000.