Tesla's Advisers Not Ready to Ride

Elon Musk again caught the financial world by surprise with an announcement on Twitter about his desire to take Tesla Inc. private, this time revealing a list of advisers before arrangements with all of them were completed. The electric-vehicle maker's chief executive said in a tweet late Monday that he was “excited to work with” as advisers investment bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and investment firm Silver Lake, bluechip names in the deals world.
 But on Tuesday, Mr. Musk and Goldman executives were still haggling about the terms of any engagement, according to people

Car hacking concerns dismissed by security experts

Hackers have been targeting a security flaw in Fiat Chrysler’s cars, but IT security experts have said the threat to owners is “slim”.

The manufacturer issued a safety recall affecting 1.4 million vehicles in the US after security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrated how hackers could take control of a Jeep Cherokee by using the car’s entertainment system.

The demonstration for a Wired magazine article saw the Jeep Cherokee which was being driven by reporter Andy Greenberg forced off the road.