Koenigsegg sell less than twenty cars a year globally. The idea that they are selling like fiestas suggests Mike fell for the blarney. Surprisingly.
That is what the current regulations call for.
Why do all these self-driving vehicles include steering wheels, brakes, gas pedals and turn signals?
The reason why a computer can't beat (the best) humans at no limit Texas Hold-em is partly because there are too many unknown variables and partly because computers can't exploit their opponent.  One of the things that human poker players do is to figure something out about their opponent and then to develop strategies to exploit that characteristic.   I think there is a parallel here with driverless cars.   A human driver...
It's hard to believe we have come this far since DARPA.  The combination of GPS, Lidar (scanning the road), and geoscopes (measuring centripatle forces, friction, etc) and computing power and software power. My biggest concern is "hacking" which could kill millions instantly.  How do you overcome that?