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Uber to Put 100 Autonomous Volvo SUVs on Road in Pittsburgh

One Uber employee will be in the driver’s seat with hands on the steering wheel as an emergency backup, another observing from the passenger seat, the company said. Uber will only make a few cars available to start—with the eventual goal of having 100 in Pittsburgh and possibly elsewhere in the coming months—and they will only go limited distances within the city.

Security, safety, privacy: $140bn global connected vehicle industry faces UK backlash over concerns about future car technology

John Smith, principal solution architect at Veracode, told CBR: "With more than 200 million lines of code in today's connected car, not to mention smartphone applications that tie directly to the car, vulnerable software is the biggest challenge the connected car industry faces. Whether you are a third-party software provider or a manufacturer, poorly written or insecure software could render a car unstable or dangerous."

Karma Automotive partners with BMW for powertrains

Karma, formed when China’s Wanxiang Group purchased assets from now-defunct Fisker Automotive Inc. out of bankruptcy proceedings in 2014, will get powertrain parts and an array of electric and hybrid technologies from BMW, the company said on Thursday. The Costa Mesa, Calif.,-based auto maker plans to start selling a luxury plug-in hybrid car in 2016 to get back into the electric-car market.

Auto Racing Goes Green

Electric vehicles are just starting to appear on streets and highways in large numbers, but already they’re being raced professionally. Formula E—a motor racing championship sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body for Formula One, the world’s most popular auto racing series—wound up its inaugural year in late June with back-to-back races over two days on the streets that encircle London’s Battersea Park, drawing crowds of around 60,000.

HUSCO investing $20 million for new automotive programs, hiring 30

New products to be manufactured by HUSCO include the key components for cylinder deactivation, variable engine oil pumps and advanced transmission systems used in automotive powertrain applications. Ramirez said the programs will generate $20 million a year in sales revenue.


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